Privacy Policy

The Shinjuku Subcenter Area Environmental Improvement Commission (hereinafter referred to as "the Commission") operates and manages an Internet website known as the Shinjuku Subcenter Area Environmental Improvement Commission Site (hereinafter called “Site").
This Privacy Policy governs the collection and use of information about a person who visits the Site (that person hereinafter referred to as “Customer” and the information is referred to as “Personal Information”).
When using the Site, please provide your Personal Information only when you fully understand and agree to this Privacy Policy.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal Information is data that can be used to identify a single person such as name, age, gender, home address, or email address.

Handling of Personal Information

  • The Commission hereby sets forth provisions for appropriately protecting Customers' Personal Information.
  • When collecting Personal Information from Customers, the Commission shall collect Personal Information to the extent necessary after notifying the Customer of the purposes for which we are collecting the Personal Information and we shall give the Customer a way of identifying a contact person who is responsible for customer service at the Commission.
  • We shall use the Customers' Personal Information for the purposes of which we notified the Customer, and manage the Customer’s Personal Information in an appropriate manner, and unless there are specific circumstances we shall not disclose the Personal Information or provide the Personal Information to any third party without the consent of the Customer.
  • We shall accurately update the Customers' Personal Information. We shall take measures to prevent unauthorized access to, loss of, corruption of, falsification of, and disclosure of Personal Information.
  • When outsourcing handling of Personal Information to an outside person, the Commission shall require that person by contract not to disclose or re-provide the Personal Information and shall strictly manage and use the Personal Information within the scope of the contract.
  • When a Customer requests confirmation, correction and so on of the Customer's Personal Information, we shall promptly respond to the request to the extent reasonable if the Customer contacts a contact person responsible for customer service at the Commission.
  • We shall comply with laws and rules applied with regard to Personal Information possessed by the Commission, and intend to maintain and improve our efforts and activities to protect Personal Information.

Handling of Personal Information in the Respective Services

  • The Commission shall use Customers' Personal Information only to the extent appropriate for offering the services that are to be received by the Customer and for the operations of the Commission (in the case where usage purposes are explicitly presented on a service-by-service basis, we shall make use of the Personal Information in accordance with those usage purposes). For example, we shall use Personal Information entrusted to the Commission by a Customer when we receive inquiries, requests, requests for materials, questionnaires, and entries for free-gift promotions from the Customer in order to give replies to, get in touch with, send presents to the Customer, and aggregate data in a form not including Personal Information to use for our business activities. However, in no event shall we disclose a Customer’s Personal Information to any third party without the consent of the Customer.
  • In some cases, the Commission shall deposit Customers' Personal Information with a business contractor within the scope of legitimate usage purposes.

Our contact information for Inquiries about Customers' Personal Information

For inquiries concerning handling of Customers' Personal Information and personal histories, please contact us at the contact address and telephone number on the "Inquiries" page on the Site. Please be advised that Customers who have made requests are kindly requested to go through identity confirmation in some cases when contacting us.

Use of Google Analytics

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